How to play Keno

It is a video game casino very easy to play. Keno works in part like a lottery. You have to guess which numbers, between 1 and 80 will be randomly selected by a Keno machine. Every time you play, the player chooses from one to ten numbers (between 1 and 80) and the amount to bet. The Keno machine, which extracts the winning numbers, randomly selects 20 numbers. The goal is to guess the highest amount of possible numbers. The total of the numbers you have is highlighted and the possible win will depend on the amount of numbers you have.

Based on the number of points obtained, it is also possible to obtain a partial win, but in this case, the payments are much lower than those obtained if all the numbers have been guessed. The winnings depend on how much you bet and how many numbers were chosen and matched.

How to play:

The amount of chips to the Keno machine is based on the total of your account and cutting chips. The number of coins in the credit field appears on the left side of the machine Keno. The cutting of chips is set to $ 0.25.
Make a bet by using the BET ONE or BET MAX. If you select the BET ONE button, 1 token for each game you bet, however the BET MAX button allows you to play 4 coins per game.
The intermediate sums (for example, $ 0.50 and $ 0.75 for each game) can be selected by pressing the BET ONE button several times.
After the amount of the bet has been selected, you have to choose between one and ten numbers that the Keno machine could accidentally pull out. To do this, click on the number in the grid Keno numbers. A number can be deselected by clicking on the same number again.
After choosing between one and ten numbers, you can select how many consecutive games to play with your chosen numbers using the PLAY ONE, PLAY FIVE, or PLAY TEN. The PLAY ONE option allows you to play the game once, the option PLAY FIVE, allows you to play the game five times, the PLAY TEN option allows you to play the game ten times consecutively.
Selecting one of the buttons (PLAY ONE, PLAY FIVE, or PLAY TEN) start the game. The random numbers appear when a ball Keno arrives in the space of the number in question. Any correspondence with the selection of the player is highlighted by a strong yellow light flashing.
The winnings depend on the total number selected by the player and the total number of numbers you have.

Progressive Jackpot
The highest win on a progressive jackpot machine is not fixed as that of normal keno machines. The value of the jackpot starts at $ 50,000 and grows each time a player makes a bet.
In order to win the Progressive Jackpot, you must select ten numbers and match them to the ten numbers drawn.
Could win a share of the Progressive Jackpot for subsequent correspondences (winnings) of a smaller set of numbers. For example, if you select nine numbers and guess exactly all nine numbers drawn, you win 25% of the Progressive Jackpot. If you select eight numbers and guess exactly all eight numbers drawn, you win 10% of the Progressive Jackpot.
The current value of the Progressive Jackpot is the upper left corner of the machine. Unlike regular Keno, Video Keno Progressive works with a fixed cut of $ 0.25.